Larryleachia cactiformis, best known in cultivation as Trichocaulon cactiforme, is a small perennial stem succulent with a globular body tessellate with roughly pentangular, flat or depressed tubercles. This species is quite variable particularly in the colour of flowers.
It can be found on quartz flats, slopes and hills to gneiss domes on the Kamiesberg in the eastern edge of the winter rainfall region in Fynbos, Succulent Karoo. They are highly succulent and adapted to very harsh and bright habitats. Larryleachia is a very fine example of convergent evolution, very easy to mistake for a cactus. However the very similar development of very similar characters in plants evolving in similar conditions although separated by very great distances or otherwise impossible contact. It is widespread, common and not threatened.

Trichocaulon cactiformis - pot 5cm - W 1.8cm

  • Pot 5 cm