From the coastal areas of South America, the Crispa grows in areas where very little else can... it's a very drought tolerant species. The extreme aridity is balanced by frequent, dense, coastal fog. This hardy & sturdy little champ often grows buried in the ground & is virtually impossible to spot when not flowering… A flattened to 'slightly cylindrical’ cactus and slowly growing, reaching up to 10 cm in diameter with a blackish or dark olive green stem. A greyish-white waxy coating is common - preventing dessication in it's extreme habitat. In cultivation the white waxy bloom is generally not replicated, revealing the dark epidermis. Long, broad, funnel-type flowers are white-ish, pink/ reddish… insists upon a very fast draining & drying soil… do not overwater.

Neoporteria crispa - pot 8cm

  • Pot 8 cm