Small-growing plant with low, spineless (or spiny), dark purple to almost black stem.
Flat, solitary, mostly underground, slowly clumping as it ages, 5 cm in diameter; generally 8 to 10, up to 14 tuberculate ribs. The unusual colouring ranges from pale pinkish-grey to a deep purple (or almost black)
It's spineless or spiny, 0 or 1 central spine, 2 -10 (or more) mm long; 4 to 8 usually shorter radials, 1-11 mm long. All the spines tend to fall as the plant ages. The spineless form is more popular with collectors
Flowers: Large, silky, whitish, yellowish to pinkish orange, 3.5 cm in diameter.

Neochilenia / eriosyce occulta pot 7.6cm

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  • Pot 7.6 cm