Hoodia gordonii aka Kalahari cactus/ African Hats/ Queen of the Namib/ Bushman's Hat

Fat stemmed and spiny, the Kalahari Cactus is a succulent cloaked as a cactus and from a solitary stem can come 50, weighing in at up to 30kg and 100cm in height. The stunning saucer-shaped flowers are truly a visual feast, yet smell like rotten meat (!) and these emerge in late summer - after a 5 year march to maturity… nature certainly has a sense of humour. Easy to grow with free-draining soil, careful watering and good light.

Hoodia gordonii - 10.5 cm pot, 17.5 cm height

SKU: SC40-3
  • Pot 10.5cm - H 17.5cm