The brutal heavy spines lie low to the ground and provide quite the hazard to horses - hence the awful name. Candy Cactus is an alternative and certainly an improvement, it is so called for the tasty red fruit - the plant is actually used to make a candy… Common through Texas and way beyond, much like the Handheld Calculator (a classic Texan invention), oil and cowboy boots, The Candy Cactus is very hardy & grows hidden in grass. A dense cover of ephemeral plants, herbs or snow can hide this species completely from view… broader than it is long - normally just 1-2 inches above the ground but up to 12 inches across. The surface of the plant is dark green, with inverted fragrant bell-shaped flowers & outer petals of salmon-red. Likes sun, very light watering and good drainage.

Homalocephala texensis pot 10.5cm

SKU: SC-157
  • Pot 10.5 cm