Euphorbia inermis is a many-branched medusaeform euphorbia up to about 50 cm in diameter with branches radiating like fingers from a central stem, continued below ground as a large fleshy tuber. Euphorbia inermis is monoecious. A properly grown plant is a joy, especially when it is in flower, for then each short, erect finger is covered with fragrant, pure white (or yellow) flowers that look like snow crystals and the cluster is exquisite. This is one of the caudex-forming Euphorbias, very similar to Euphorbia esculenta and Euphorbia caput-medusae. If you look down into a large specimen you'll see what looks like a sun flower; it's another example of a Fibonacci spiral. The whole plant produce a caustic milky sap.

Euphorbia inermis

  • Pot 15 cm