Echinopsis multiplex is closely related to Echinopsis oxygona and may not be easily distinct from the latter. Echinopsis oxygona is quite variable and has received numerous unnecessary names of no botanical value, representing no more than local phenotypes. Echinopsis multiplex is one of them, but it still has a value for a collector because they identify plants with particular characters.
This plant is common in cultivation.
Grows rapidly and may form big clumps up to 60 cm in diameter.
This species blooms from late spring to all summer long. The flower last only one day in full beauty, they open at evening and start to wither the next afternoon on hot days. On cool days they will last longer.
This plant has been widely crossed with other species of Echinopsis and the number of cultivars seems unending. The flowers are lovely and are available in an assortment of bright colours ranging from magenta, red, orange, to yellow.

Echinopsis multiplex crested monstrose - pot 12.5cm

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  • Pot 12.5cm