Endemic to the limestone cliffs of Oaxaca, Mexico -it’s pronounced waˈhaka- and considered rather handsome when it hits its stride, this intriguingly odd plant is resplendent with ghostly white coloured leaves, in a solitary rosette. An open plant with few leaves, that grow to max 60cm long & 12cm wide… it is monocarpic (so will only bloom and fruit once during its life), thus at between 10 & 30 years of age, will accumulate enough energy to fuel development of a large flower spike. There are two forms of this plant.. ‘ghostly white’ but also ‘blue’ - found growing isolated at the edge of the general populations in the wild… One of the most striking and sought-after species, it is easy-to-grow (but slow), requiring good drainage, regular water during the growing season & thrives with full sun/ light shade.

Agave titanota - 10.5 cm pot

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  • Pot 10.5 cm